Well well well, somebody else stumbled into my blog, how delightful!

While i’d really like to know through which weird redirectioning loop you ended up on this page, it’s happy to see you’ve read all the way over here: it means you got the time to read, and what better way to use that time than reading what my deal is, right?

So, in all honesty, i’m just some nerd who got tired of people arguing over stupid subjects like social justice loopholes and how the gaming industry is supposed to be collapsing, so i sat down at my dear old laptop and said to myself: why not opening a blog about all the actual good and hype stuff that happens in the “geek” community? I mean, the internet is full of people tearing down bad games with overly sarcastic reviews, so why not adding some variety?

Yeah, that’s it, i’m a simple man with a simple goal, and i hope you, if you decided to keep reading and agree with me to some extent, enjoy your stay!

3rd Runner out.


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