Welcome to Sony’s E3 presentation. We heard you like videogames. Have some videogames.

God of War

That’s Kratos not murdering a child, quite the rare accurence, isn’t it?

Making Kratos an interesting character? Sony apparently can.

In this sequel/reboot of Sony’s flagship bad character action game, Kratos seems to have moved from greece to somewhere in northern europe, grown a beard and had its way with a woman that probably died horribly at the hands of some ice giant. So the the good old Kratos is a father now, a father that came to understand that just killing everything into a fit of rage is bad, and that seems to care about something other than his senseless lust for revenge, like you know, his son.

The game itself seems to reflect Kratos’ change of mentality, going from a messy and superficial tryhard spectacle fighter, to a slower, more simple and exploration-focused hack’n’slash, a change that I welcome with open arms: there’s games that western studios just can’t do, and spectacle fighters are the prime example, so focusing on a more “calm” approach to the action genre not only comes off as coherent with the plot, but has more chances to be a better experience altogether.

Welcome back, Kratos…i never thought i would have said that.



Days Gone

Any World War Z fans here in the audience?

So, who remembers The Last of Us? I don’t, because i didn’t play it, because post-apocalyptic games based around zombie outbreaks make me literally cry in anguish, and when that happens, it usually means they’re pretty good. Now, during the conference, the cinematic trailer of this thing made me melancholic for ten minutes, just because everything that was presented after it cleared my mind from all the post-apocalypting depression, but after watching it again the day after i felt like sh*t for a good hour, so…yeah, there’s potential.

It seems like it’s basically gonna be an Ellie-less, more combat based The Last of Us, based around bounty hunting, with zombies that are straight up zombies and not realistic Toads from Super Mario. Prepare to feel feelings.

Now let’s talk about something else before existential dread consumes me.



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Use bombs wisely!

Oh yeah, now that’s what i’m talking about! So, i’ve never been a Call of Duty fan, really, and all i know about it it’s that The Numbers mean something that’s important to the government, that there’s a guy called Price who’s a massive badass, that CoD players supposedly like Doritos and Mountain Dew and that Black Ops 3’s soundtrack should have been composed by Perturbator, but instead it’s just…what it is, which is not cyberpunk at all…oh, and that this game was supposed to be crap. Well, the trailer just proved the last one wrong, hopefully.

The smartest thing they did about this was showing the title at the end, to show people a game without letting their prejudice filter its real quality, and believe me: there was quality to be found.

It went down like this: military dudes (and a lady, which was a captain) walking down the hall of a battleship talking military-babble and plot points that will be expanded upon, a door opens and you’re on the main deck of a battleship. The player character goes up to a computer and chooses his destination between a whole lot of planetoids (in what looks like an alternate solar system). The next second he’s entering an hangar with bipedal mechs running around,a squad captain is giving a little motivational speech to his team and starfighters are getting ready to launch, and here we discover that this guy (whose name is actually Reyes) is a captain himself, since everyone he passes by on the way to his own starfighter stops and salutes him. He gets to his ship, with the co-pilot (who may or not be an android) already in the back seat, puts his pressurized helmet on, the startup sequence for the ship initiates while it’s being loaded on the catapult…then: Press L3 to Launch.

Cut to an ACTUAL, NOT ON RAILS, space dogfighting sequence, and all i had in mind was Peppy Hare shouting advice from the radio. Then they had to land on an enemy vessel and board it, and it started looking like Call of Duty again, but in Zero G and with grappling hooks to enhance mobility and pull enemy combatants to you, and guess what: it looked fairly good. As the gameplay moved on, the “CoD”-iness of it slowly flooded back, with the close-quarters corridors and rooms of the battleship Reyes infiltrated looking like the usual “corridor shooter” levels we all know and are tired of, but from time to time stuff like tactical slides (like in Advanced Warfare, i think) and Zero G grenades (like the ones in Titanfall 2) popped in, to not make it look completely dull. The escape sequence was pretty cool too, with Reyes opening the airlocks on the vessel and jumping off one of them, being grabbed mid-fall by his own ship.

…Well well well, looks like the folks at Infinity Ward finally remembered how to make a videogame, let’s hope they keep it up and i may be buying a Call of Duty game for the first time in my life.



Spider Man

Your friendly neighborhood Spider Man is gonna have a decent game since Spider Man 3 on PS2.

Spider Man by Insomniac Games. Marvel announced that they plan to outsource superhero games to actual developers and make them separate from the movies. Hell yes.




Horizon Zero Dawn


One of the better looking new IPs of the generation, that in one trailer completely destroyed the xbox rival ReCore (at least that’s what the general consensus seems to be): Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be quite a unique game, a mixture of Zelda, Far Cry and somewhat Assassin’s Creed, in a post apocalyptic setting where our dear civilization fell and it’s all just went back to its natural state, with humans living like slightly modernized cavemen, while the machines -for some reason- formed a “robot ecology”, where probably once powerful AIs now inhabit frames resembling dinosaurs and freakish chimeras, having regressed themselves to animalistic behaviors.

The main heroine, Aloy, is a huntress who, really, justs wants to live to see another day and uncover the secrets of that messed up earth: an excellent markswoman and quite resourceful when it comes to crafting, she hunts to retrieve spare parts and valuable materials from the mechanical beasts that now roam the wilderness…and that’s all we know about her for now, other than the fact that she lives in a tribe with a bunch of cowards that she’ll probably leave behind. She’s not just a crackshot though, as she’s also got the right array of gadgets to help her out on the -literal- field, the most notable being an earpiece scanner, that analyzes any target’s weaknesses, attack patterns and valuable materials embedded in their structure, a spear that doubles as a hacking device when used in combo with the earpiece, a tether gun to immobilize weakened preys, and a vast choice of craftable traps, of which we currently know only Shock, Explosive and Incendiary variants, but that will probably expand in the future (i smell a skill tree).

This is one of those projects that are nearly impossible to bomb, and it’ll probably be on my to-buy list once i get a ps4.


Resident Evil: Biohazard


Let’s be honest now: Resident Evil 6 wasn’t a great game, and after a kinda better Revelations 2 and a couple of HD remasters of 1 and 2, the series kinda fell silent…GUESS WHO’S BACK NOW?

The “gameplay” demo/trailer for Resident Evil: Biohazard was the most P.T. looking thing i’ve ever seen since P.T. itself (in case you’re wondering, P.T. was the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills, a Silent Hill game developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro that got subsequently cancelled because Konami left the videogame industry for good), and it was just..scary, like a good old horror game needs to be: no more gunfights against “smart” zombies in plain sunlight, high impact boulder punching action or…whatever RE6 was outside of the Leon sections: this time it’s you in first person mode (who the hell are you, player character, by the way?), your flashlight and lots and lots of atmosphere, in what seems to be a reboot more than sequel. I sure do hope there are some zombies around, just for old time sake’s, and maybe an appearence of the Beretta 92s, which is by all accounts RE’s most iconic gun. Other than that i can say this feels quite an unusual direction for the series to take, but i kinda appreciate it, and i’m willing to see what they want to try out, having learned from Inafune’s bad suggestions.

Also, the demo is out now and is VR compatible.


Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3 HD Remix

Shawn Layden walks on stage to the main theme of Crash Bandicoot perfomed by the live orchestra in the auditorium the event is taking place, that has turned into a beach reminiscent of Wumpa Island, and Crash Bandicoot’s shadow follows him: “I’m proud to announce that we’re working with our partners at Activision, to bring back the original Crash, Crash two and Crash Warped, fully remastered from the ground up on playstation four”.

And the crowd goes INSANE over just that.

…then he announces Crash in skylanders and everyone shuts up.



Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, Snatcher, Policenauts and almost savior of Silent Hill walks on stage on a bridge of solid light that forms as he moves, then stops to take in the uproaring applause from the crowd, and just goes “I’m back, i hope you enjoy my new trailer”.

Norman Reedus, naked, with a pair of strangely futuristic handcuffs, hugs a fetus that disappears into black oil, then gets up, the camera pans all around him showing he’s covered in weird marks and he’s wearing a necklace with several dog tags, and depicted on them several equations for, like, black holes and sh*t.

Then THIS happens:

I don’t know who those five figures up in the sky are, but i’m praying all the gods i can think of i get to fight them. Also, dead cyborg whales and Norman Reedus’ buttcheeks. Classic Kojima.


Then a title slowly fades in: Death Stranding.




And this is was Sony’s E3 conference was like, in written form: back to back, no-stop trailers and good news, just like last year but slightly better.

Oh, right, almost forgot: The Last Guardian’s release date is October 25th of this year. Enjoy.

This is The 3rd Runner, being done with E3 for this year!


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