Hello, wanderer of the interwebz! Have you grown tired of hearing people complaining and whining over and over about everything in this plane of existence, because apparently it’s such a cool and smart thing to do in *le current year*? I don’t know about you, but I have. So guess what, here you won’t find any of that! Following the school of thought of the renowned WWE tag team two time champions, the New Day, i’ve decided to open a blog about (shocker) the positive things that sometimes happen in the so-called “geek” community (yes, i know, that term is outdated, but it’s more immediate, and sometimes you need to be immediate).

Because hey, everybody is ready to bash and rant, but a really small amount of people is out to praise, why not helping them out? After all, even one man can make a difference sometimes. [David Hasselhof 3:16]
So, this is what you’ll be seeing if you stick around:

– “Can you smell what the Devs are cooking?”, a column about promising Triple A and indipentent videogames that often get outshined by other, bigger hitters.

– “The Flea Market”, reviews of current and last-gen “lesser known” games…and i ain’t talking “lesser known” like when the cool kids refer to “Demon’s Souls”, i’m talking “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars” levels of obscurity, you know what i’m saying?

– “Why is it good?”, analyses of certain games/movies, looking for what makes them so enjoyable and memorable in their respective field. Some may be obvious, some a bit less.

– “The Devil’s Advocate”, because is the thing everyone’s hating on really that bad? Yeah, even that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer.

– General coverage of events like E3, Cannes’ Film Festival, PAX and EGX.

– Hype Moments and highlights from competitive gaming events like Evolution and Community Effort Orlando.

If you find any of this interesting, i hope you enjoy your stay!
This is The 3rd Runner, signing off.

[“Greetings from Corneria” postcard by Drew Wise Design]



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